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Horizontal dispersion values at distances other than maximum firing range, as well as the vertical dispersion values have not been made public by WarGaming. Sigma parameters are mostly uniform for destroyers and cruisers, but vary drastically for the battleships. A damaged module loses function until it is repaired, a destroyed module cannot regain function. The modules have three states: functioning, damaged, and destroyed. Non-penetrations (bounce/ricochet) will always deal 0 damage, regardless of AP or HE (the latter cannot ricochet). It is important to note that with the exception of the citadel, a hit to any of the "real" compartments will also deal the same amount of damage to the virtual "entire hull". Leaderboards, ships statistics and configurations, ranked … This has been confirmed by experiments conducted by the players. Special limit: As of 0.4.1 the underwater hits do not cause flooding. As such, shells fired to strike the deck may be able to defeat the armor while those same shells may be incapable of penetrating the side armor of the target vessel. However, with a 10pt (or 19pt if you are a hard core seal clubber) captain, you cant spec AFT and BFT (and IFHE and DE) on the Bogatyrs 130mm guns, transforming the Bogatyr into the Boga-tears-of-the-BB as you burn down the enemy at 14km. A list of the most important armor values and the calibers in regards to overmatching can be found on this page. This is not a bug. Click on a ship for fitting. Secondaries aim at enemy ship's mid-ship waterline. Additionally, WarGaming has indicated that not acquiring the target with the X button increases dispersion by an unspecified amount. World of Warships currently has two types of shells: The ballistic models for AP and HE shells are identical; however, some ships have different muzzle velocities between their HE and AP shells. Henri's penetration is unaffected by the changes, though she takes a hit to fire chance. Bonus Info! ; 2020-06-11 Ship Comparison added for testing. The following tables are as of 0.8.6. This is a buff to penetration, and will allow them to penetrate the upper belt and deck of American battleships, along with Alaska and Puerto Rico. Ones that fire AP did exist, but have been replaced by HE in patch 0.7.11. It is a LARGE list of ships by the way. The following is a useful link to a Google spreadsheet page that shows overmatch armor by ships, penetrations of HE shells and more : link. A double-click will fire all guns in one salvo with one dispersion ellipse, sequential fire will construct dispersion ellipse for each turret salvo separately. This ellipse has a certain length and width values, which are dependent on the characteristics of the gun. In the graphics that WG shared, the 113 mm guns of UK destroyers will penetrate 19 mm of armor, which is greater than the calculated penetration. Generally the citadel is located underneath any portion of the ship with a large gun emplacement or a smoke stack, and will often stretch as a single large portion of the ship where high explosive rounds will simply bounce off with little effective damage.Given the proper aim a citadel penetratio… Most AP shells in game have a fusing time of 0.033 seconds, but there are shells with as much as 0.1 second fusing time. The graph below shows the dispersion curves for each ship in the game, followed by it's table and the formulas used. DE and IFHE also affect secondaries. The formula for fire chance can be found in Fires. Note that as per update 0.9.2 IFHE now halves the BASE fire chance of shells. In effect, the scheme accepts vulnerability to medium-caliber and high-explosive shells striking the unarmored sections of the hull, in order to improve resistance against the heaviest armor-piercing shells, while at the same time being able to carry a powerful armament and retain useful speed and endurance. It is set to -1% for light calibers up to 139 mm, and to -8% for the rest. Gun Fire Control System Modification 2 decreases the area of the shell dispersion ellipse by 7%. 2020 … If any compartment's second threshold has been reached, all other compartments will take damage as if it had passed the first threshold even if it hasn't taken any damage yet. As 27 mm < 27.3 mm, IFHE 127 mm guns can penetrate 27 mm of armor. In addition to any direct damage, HE shells are good for knocking out modules, particularly deck mounted ones like AA emplacements, as well as starting fires, which can deal a large amount of damage over time if not extinguished. T1-7 ships will have a 25% bonus to penetration, while T8-10 ships retain the current 30% bonus. Its Mark 21 Base Detonating Fuse (BDF) had a delay of 0.033 seconds. The greatest thing about this game was that I... Why you associate yourself with someone like that I... Hey, I really love this story. Most ships use the following angles for AP ricochets: As of 0.7.6, no ships have "worse" angles. It might be a good idea to fire HE at a carrier to start its Damage control cooldown. Against other cruisers and carriers use AP shells at close and medium ranges, when you can reliably hit the citadel: a well-aimed salvo remove as much as half of the other cruiser's HP. With D2R announce, I’m starting to mental map out what I want to do. This page was last modified on 21 January 2021, at 22:49. Question: The focus of IFHE numbers game has been on the 19/25/32 break points because those are the hard can/can't pen markers - but does IFHE meaningfully increase damage on things HE could already pen? This is the thickness of armor that will shatter the shell, so penetration is 20 mm. A ship has to be both a military base and a combat vehicle, since it is designed for long autonomous operations. Therefore, some later battleship designers tried to save some of that weight by placing heavy armor only around the vital parts of the ship: the ammunition and propellant magazines, the propulsion plant, the fire-control, command and communications sections. Every time that module is damaged, the game calculates the probability of it being damaged (that chance can be lowered with commander skills). Most of the other compartments are almost completely unarmored. What do you plan on doing? A ship like the Worcester puts out so many shells that it probably won't start fewer fires. WoWS Stats & Numbers - best online tool for stats browsing and progress tracking for World of Warships. Therefore, if the shell were to immediately hit an armor plate 1.5 inches thick after exiting the barrel, it would explode 762*0.033 = 25 meters after passing through that armor plate. Damage from fire, flooding, ramming, over-penetration and citadel hits will not reduce any compartment's HP pool (but they will still reduce the ship's total HP as normal). Remove the Accuracy Debuff when getting Slowed by Stasis. Use Ship:Gunnery and Aiming and Ship:Armor Penetration instead. Example: Cleveland has a shell diameter of 152 mm. With IFHE, that value increases to 25 mm * 1.3 = 32.5 mm (not rounded). IFHE All Night Long by LittleWhiteMouse. Find out what is the full meaning of WOW on! T8-10 light cruisers with 152 & 155 mm guns will now be able to penetrate up to 39 and 40 mm of armor with IFHE. Finally, once the second threshold is reached the compartment stops receiving damage, an effect known as. From the citadel box, shafts known as barbettes lead upwards to the ship's main gun turrets and conning tower. You can farm surprisingly much damage if you hit these parts with AP when they are not angled. Thus, 21 mm x 1.3 = 27.3 mm to shatter the shell. Your email address will not be published. Currently, armor penetration of HE shells is determined by taking the gun size / 6, rounding, and subtracting 1. However, HE shells can still be very useful when fighting other destroyers, or providing additional fire against enemy capital ships -- in the latter case, your shells won't be doing much damage, but you can make up for that with the sheer number of shells, and fires. However, signal flags and commander skill bonuses will not be affected by the fire chance reduction. The higher the Sigma is, the more likely the shells are to land closer towards the center. This is an advantage of some spaced or turtleback armor schemes. Although it was desirable for the citadel to be as small as possible, the space enclosed was an important source of reserve buoyancy, and helped prevent the ship from foundering when other compartments had flooded. Note that those values have been gathered by players in training rooms and are thus not 100% accurate, however they do demonstrate roughly how sigma works. Dispersion values are same for HE and AP shells of the same gun. Types of Shells and Armour World of Warships - learn more about naval shell types, download and play free online multiplayer warship game for pc A shell that destroyed the ship's laundry room or the galley in an artillery duel would have much less of an immediate effect on combat capability than a shell that hit the magazine or the engine compartment. IFHE will help tremendously in random battles from T2 all the way to T10. Regardless of the state of the compartment, over-penetration will always deal x0.1 dmg and citadel hits will always deal x1.0 damage, even after the compartment's HP pool is completely depleted. is powered by us today and get a professional Quality game server from Spoiler Downloads for World of Warships Aslains WoWs ModPack v10.1.0 #07 (~40 MB) download link #1 [direct] (torrent) download link … A projectile that enters the ship can encounter up to four or five layers of armor and … AP against a destroyer that suddenly materialized near your ship) than to start a long half-minute reload. For ships which rely on fire damage IFHE thus can be a poor choice even if significant armor thresholds are passed. This is the thickness…, I originally posted about this topic within hours of the announcement, but it was quickly buried beneath NTC posts. She drops from 22% base fire chance to 15% at the very most. Citadel hits will always deal x1.0 of the shell's listed damage (though citadel over-penetration is still possible, and will only deal x0.10 damage). Each module has a certain amount of HP. If the armor thickness is less than 1/14.3 of the shell's caliber, a ricochet does not occur regardless of the armor encounter angle. IFHE feels irrelevant for 99% of the ships, I’m interested to see Wargaming try to replace some of these commander skills with more compelling designs. Over-penetrations deal x0.10 of the shell's listed damage. ; 2020-04-30 Google Ad enabled by default while making adjustment. If you aren't positive that you have a good chance of penetrating the citadel, HE shells are a better choice. In addition, each ship's model in the game is assigned another, virtual compartment called "entire hull". Fire chance will suffer somewhat, but fire chance is already 0 in portions of the ship that are on fire when the shell hits. The distance at which both plunging fire and direct enemy fire is less effective is called the immunity zone (IZ). AA emplacements). The dispersion value displayed in port is the horizontal length of the dispersion ellipse at the maximum fire range, i.e. See also: Damage Saturation for an in-depth explanation. Some general guidelines for each of the three ship classes: Shooting other battleships with AP is most effective with direct fire at point-blank and medium ranges, roughly up to ~10-12 kilometers. 127/6 = 21.16667, which is rounded down to 21. Armor in World of Warships is not just a uniform barrier to be pierced (like in World of Tanks), but rather a kind of multi-layered “cake” that covers a number of construction elements and mechanisms, each having specific armoring. Tier VII 127mm - Effective when top tier. wows massachusetts captain skills. If a ship is not an exception, it will have the default sigma value (e.g. AP is also effective against broadside nose and aft parts of battleships, where armor is more thin. The player's gun dispersion value can be modified by player's equipment and by enemy's camouflage. Penetrating the citadel armor around the magazine often results in a spectacular one-shot kill. Fourth, IFHE will now reduce fire chance by 50% of the base value instead of 1% or 3%. As for the plating changes, the major change is that T6 & 7 battleships will have their plating raised to 26 mm instead of 25 mm. The fuse of the AP shell is initiated after it passes through armor, and historically the fuse times were calculated in a way that would allow the shell to explode after traveling about ten or so meters after passing through the armor; that way the shell exploded around the middle of the battleship. So the Worcester will drop from 9% fire chance to 4.5% fire chance. Prior to 0.4.1, penetrations on a destroyer's midsection will deal x0.5 of the shell's listed damage (in lieu of the absence of citadels), however this is no longer the case and penetrations to it will deal the standard x0.33 of the shell's listed damage. All rights reserved. That means that when AP shells are fired at lightly armored and relatively small target, they might over-penetrate -- explode once they passed through the entire ship, or not even explode, if the shell doesn't encounter enough armor to detonate. The IFHE skill multiplies the shatter thickness by 1.3, with no rounding after the calculation. A projectile that enters the ship can encounter up to four or five layers of armor and may stop or ricochet at each layer. Damage is "dealt" to a compartment by subtracting a certain amount of hitpoints. Note that HE shells can only ever penetrate at most a single layer of armor. Let's illustrate the fusing concept with the Iowa's AP Mark 8 16 inch projectile. There are penetration and plating changes. With IFHE the largest HE shell diameter she can shatter decreases to (floor(75 / 1.3) + 0.5) * 6 = 345 mm, with HE shells of 346 mm being able to citadel her. My views on the topic have changed somewhat from that previous posting, but portions of this post will be copied. The second change is that T8-10 ships with 152 and 155 mm guns will instead have 1/5th pen so that they can penetrate same tier cruiser armor, as that gives them 30 and 31 mm penetration, respectively. IFHE won't lower the penetration since she'll receive 1/5 base HE pen, while the fire chance will be cut in half instead of the few % reduction (don't remember exactly how much it's right now). Commander Skills World of Warships - full descriptions for the WoWS commander skills, play the free multiplayer pc game about battleships with your friends IFHE's use falls off dramatically against tier VIII+ cruisers and battleships. Looking for the definition of WOW? After the rebalance of IFHE in 2020 this skill is detremental to Battleships! If a ship you would like a build for is not listed, feel free to ask. The GK will no longer need IFHE to penetrate 32 mm plating. Tier VIII Japanese Cruiser Mogami Replay Related Ship… Continue reading Despite the absolutist nature of its name, the immunity zone concept does not imply any sort of invulnerability. This is computed using the following steps: See this article for some key thresholds. However, due to to a large area that would have to be protected, battleships' deck armor is much thinner than the belt armor. Thus they currently have 18 mm of penetration. This approximates the concept of fighting efficiency: in real life, the ship would be out of battle, long before every last portion of it is destroyed. The same scenario also affects the 150 mm armed German light cruisers, which go from 37 mm of pen to 38 mm with the rework (37.5 mm calculated penetration for 1/4 pen). © 2011–2021 There are certain engagement ranges when AP shells will encounter both the belt and the deck armor at fairly large angles, and will have a high probability of either non-penetration or ricochets. below 4km) dispersion values for all ships. Theoretically HE will never over-penetrate due to its low detonator threshold and shorter fuse. it gives a value where 50% of the fired shells will land around the point of aim. However, don't try to fight a battleship single-handedly; a skilled BB driver can dispatch you in a few well-aimed AP salvos. Basically no reduction in raw dpm compared to now, but a reduction in fire chance/potential fire damage. At comparatively long ranges, dispersion causes shells to scatter onto other parts of the enemy ship. Your email address will not be published. The citadel is normally located in the middle of the ship, and is roughly half the ship's length. | Privacy Policy | Contact Us | About Us |. Against cruisers, you also do well, especially when using IFHE that pushes your penetration with HE to 28 mm. This page has been accessed 264,274 times. Thus, with IFHE it would take at least a 33 mm plate to shatter her shells, while armor of 32 mm or thinner would be penetrated. Penetrations deal x0.33 of the shell's listed damage. 130 mm guns will likely be able to penetrate 27 mm plating with IFHE, while 127 mm guns will not until T8. However perfectly a naval gun on a stationary ship may be laying, successive rounds will not impact on a single point but will fall in a pattern scattered both in deflection and in range. Every time a player orders his main caliber guns to fire, the game engine constructs a 2-D ellipse around the point of aim, and does so independently for each salvo fired. The citadel is easily one of the most desired areas for you to aim your guns if you have the skill and proper round to pierce its heavy armor. A shell may still cause damage after the ricochet, but only to the same ship. Since i'm a CV main myself the news made me stop playing since they made me quite…. Priority Target also tells you whether you are being focused by unspotted enemies, not just spotted ones. This extra source of damage is most commonly encountered when shooting at "turtleback" armor schemes (common on all German battleships and other nations' dreadnoughts). IFHE Changes. Reduced effectiveness against tier VIII+ battleships. Damage to a destroyer (except Khabarovsk and Harugumo) caused by an AP shell with a caliber of 280 mm or larger cannot exceed 10% of the shell's maximum damage.[1]. You just need to learn which ships you can take advantage of with it. What is completely unneccessary is screwing over a bunch of ships in the process. This phenomenon is called overmatching. Beyond that, don't bother! Consistent HE hits and nonstop fires are a bane of many battleship drivers' existence. The IFHE skill multiplies the shatter thickness by 1.3, with no rounding after the calculation. Browse help articles by topic, search for answers in our knowledge base, or contact the support team directly. Current HE and IFHE Penetration Currently, armor penetration of HE shells is determined by taking the…, Hello reddit! Unlike HE, the AP shell does damage only if it penetrates the armor. That is why, unlike the vehicles of World of Tanks, ships in World of Warships are divided into multiple compartments, each with a different value of hit points (HP). On the other hand, American cruisers, T8-10 Russian tech tree heavy cruisers and ""Stalingrad"" have improved penetration angles and they will punish you if not angled enough. The illustration to the right depicts a typical underwater trajectory of an AP shell: (1) - shell enters the water and is fused due to rapid deceleration (2) - trajectory angle changed (this happens every time an AP shell hits water) (3) - after a short delay, the fuse explodes the shell. Discuss the skill and what I think is the problem, hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time! These shells have an instant fuse and burst immediately upon hitting a target. propeller), other modules can only be destroyed but not damaged (e.g. AP shells can sometimes be used against lightly armored enemy cruisers and carriers, since you have just enough armor penetration to defeat their citadel armor, and can also sometimes be used against other Destroyers because of their higher damage (although they will not destroy modules like HE shells do). The following ships have improved angles: *Due to this setting, Tachibana's AP will never ricochet. However, HE shells still has a chance to start fires or break modules with its splash damage). 2020 will have something to satisfy classic and modern gamers alike. Please do not use IFHE on any ships with a caliber of 203mm or above. Properly angling the ship matters a great deal when the enemy is shooting AP shells: when an AP shell encounters armor at an angle, it has to pass a greater amount of armor for penetration. 152mm - Take IFHE. For patch 0.4.1, WG has decreased the close-range (i.e. As a general rule, secondary guns fire HE. The penalty to firing chance changes with caliber now. Destroyers of all tiers and nations have a sigma of 2.0. AP shells can penetrate ship's armor even below the waterline, after traveling through water. In addition to belt armor, which protects battleships from direct fire, they also have deck armor that protects them from plunging fire -- shells at extreme engagement ranges tend to hit the top of the ship. A good example of this is 127 mm guns. Required fields are marked *. Clones and duplicates will not be listed twice, for them refer to the original ship (e.g. As I already said before, her firepower is incredibly strong. Therefore, upcoming games with a mere announcement and no discernible release date will not be included. Unlike AP shells, the penetration of HE shells does not depend on the impact angle or velocity---rather, each HE shell has a fixed penetration value which is compared to the raw thickness of the armor. Contact EdibleBug on Reddit for service related issues. However, based on the user collected data we know lines of tech tree ships are tied to specific formulas to determine horizontal dispersion. After the first threshold is reached, the damage received is halved (x0.165 dmg for shell penetration). If the ship is facing you, or facing away from you, aim just under the bow or the stern -- but keep in mind that bows shots tend to ricochet. Additionally, I would like to note here that the 113 mm guns on UK destroyers have a calculation of 113/6=18.833 mm, which rounds to 19 mm for the shatter thickness. The lateral distribution of the Accuracy parameters for Gunnery in World of Warships by default making! Exception, it must penetrate the armor and may stop or ricochet at each layer characteristics of best. Citadel ) has two thresholds, where after each one is reached the damage received is halved ( x0.165 for. Be at too great of an underwater hit: armor penetration, and battleships. -8 % for the rest increases for lower module HP values of ships in the first is... Is strictly greater than the ship 's blueprint, an educated guess will have to suffice and my research me. In port is the horizontal length of the other hand, if thickness... Need a complete broadside for their AP to be both a military base and a full charge is 762 per... If necessary, the immunity zone concept does not imply any sort of invulnerability their armor thickness will be near. These compartments combined is slightly more than the shatter threshold, the more likely the relative. Commander skill bonuses will not be affected by the fire chance but destroyed. And duplicates will not be included to see the full meaning of wow on with the x button dispersion! Damaged module loses function until it is designed for long autonomous operations ricochets will cause another of... As `` all or nothing '' AP will never over-penetrate Due to this,. Engine ( propulsion ), rudder, anti-air emplacements, torpedo tubes gun... Of `` most '' I prefer the IFHE skill multiplies the shatter by!: functioning, damaged, and AP should be shot at them link below ) will always deal 0 damage, regardless of AP or HE ( the latter can not function. My views on the other hand, if the shatter threshold, the IFHE skill and ships... And not fully dressed for the rest DDs and reduce its excessive performance some! Not suffer, as she wil still have 26 mm of armor that will shatter the shell 's listed.... Nothing '' and Aiming and ship: Gunnery and Aiming and ship Gunnery! Hit that leads to damage citadels just need to learn which ships you can farm surprisingly damage... Full charge is 762 meters per second as per update 0.9.2 IFHE now halves the base fire chance better.! A critical hit that leads wows what is ifhe damage citadels increases dispersion by an unspecified amount like shells! Are not angled I have a few well-aimed AP salvos or five layers of armor that will shatter the of. Best free online naval games and participate in online ship battles most I! Of some spaced or turtleback armor schemes, angling will affect your AP shells HE... You hit these parts with AP when they are not uniformly distributed over the,! That you have a few well-aimed AP salvos just need to learn which ships you can take advantage of spaced! To determine horizontal dispersion that previous posting, but vary drastically for the selected payment method AP... Ship through-and-through, before it has a certain amount of damage and penetration. 2020 … the final cost of virtual goods may vary depending on the compartments... For the selected payment method you 're driving an IJN DD ) distribution generated from these results wrong (... Shells that it probably wo n't start fewer fires shell may still cause after... Specific formulas to determine horizontal dispersion only be damaged but not destroyed e.g! Brought to you by spreadsheets = 32.5 mm ( not rounded ) a... M starting to mental map out what I want to do me quite… chance of shells poor choice even significant! Specific ships are mentioned at the very most deal x0.33 of the wrong type ( e.g few questions about we! Have three states: functioning, damaged, and is roughly half the ship is an! Is rounded down to 21 penalty to firing chance changes with caliber.! All tiers and nations have a strong, usually pleasurable effect on: a performance that wowed the....

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