top 20 worst dog breeds

Share. Daily exercise of the outdoor type is a must. They are in the category of high energy dogs, which is a huge no-no for senior unless they are running marathons – or at least half marathons. Fearless, loyal, energetic and strong-willed, all this dog needs is a lot of stimulation, training, and early socialization to keep him out of trouble. It may be considered as one of the most notorious cat chasers, largely because its tendency is to chase and grab anything that runs. This breed was found in Germany for the first time dated to the time of Roman Empires. Watch Queue Queue. So before bringing a pet dog at your home, you should have an idea about the most stinkiest dog breeds around the world. They can be excellent guard dogs if they’re socialized and treated well by their owner. In the end, this lies with the handler to adhere to what the dog actually needs to thrive, and how much time and effort is spent to training some of these most dangerous dogs. Well, wonder no longer, as the latest research is in and the top 20 dog breeds can now be revealed! By Jackie Frere and Annie O’Sullivan. Rhodesian Ridgeback is also known as African Lion Hounds. Airedale Terrier. The Pekingese, with its elegant fur and adorable face is not exactly the best choice for those who suffer from dog allergies. One of the oldest known breeds to man, the Husky very closely resembles the wolf. Though this article is not intended to address these issues in detail, it can be said that the possibility of a long time owner of a dog may see their companion die before they do, and a decision will have to be made as to the future of a new dog. Portuguese Water Dog. It takes time and a strong mastery of the dog to make them manageable, something that may not be possible for a senior. But for the senior, that is the problem. Taking them out for a walk will be a challenge every single day. As you have probably already guessed, the Tosa Inu is not a family pet and will not do well when there are children around. Stacker compiled a list of the 26 most popular dog breeds that don’t shed based on 2020 data from the American Kennel Club (AKC). Wolf Hybrid7. Chow Chows don’t like any strangers and can be very irritable when they aren’t given an outlet. Otherwise, you’ll come home to a bored dog who will most likely knock you over, not to mention your house might be in shambles. I have singled out ten dog breeds based on … The German Shepherd Dog (or GSD) cannot be left at home all day with nothing to do, and they need constant exercise. For some breeds, it mostly comes down to their lineage, their genetics and what these breeds were originally bred for. Henry's been writing pet content for over 10 years and will continue to do so as long as dogs and cats are with us! Like many bulldogs, the Frenchie will go on their stubborn streaks occasionally. The most critical part of a senior owning a Chihuahua is determining whether they have a social or antisocial dog on (or in) their hands. The Husky has a high prey drive, so it won’t be wise to leave them alone with other small animals in general. This breed requires a lot of attention and personal time as well as exercise. Dobermann Pinscher3. The Chow Chow is ranked high on the list of as one of the most dangerous dog breeds in the world because they’ve been known to turn on their own handlers, simply because they get bored. Though there... 3. That means weekly ear inspections. Rottweiler1. This is the only dog breed I genuinely hate. The breed is also in the top “hard to housebreak” rankings. First, there is the living situation. This mean looking dog was originally bred to be a hunting companion to avid hunters, and because of their strength, Cane Corso was great at catching mountain lions and boar. New dog owners are likely to need assistance for the first months of having a new dog for housebreaking and training purposes. One of the sweetest and beautiful dog breeds. Great Dane9. Either way, this is something that can be worked on from puppyhood, and with proper training methods can be easily solved.

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